We send out tens of millions of health probe queries every month at Office365Mon - we have the proven expertise to help you design and build your biggest and most challenging cloud solutions too.

Office365Mon, Rapid Circle and TechStar Group - A Powerful Services Team


You can now get help with your cloud projects from the same team that built and delivered one of the best and most modern Office 365 monitoring solutions at Office365Mon. Our architecture and design demonstrates superb quality at a scale that is beyond what most of even the largest enterprises do. We send out tens of millions of health probe queries every month at Office365Mon, and we do so utilizing all of the leading edge technologies needed to accomplish such a huge task - Azure Active Directory, Office 365 APIs, Azure web apps, Azure cloud services, Azure storage and queueing, SQL Azure storage, and more.

How Do We Do It

Now, we've teamed up with our Gold Star Partners RapidCircle and TechStar Group to unleash our team of experts on your cloud projects. We cover everything from architecture and design for new Azure and Office 365 projects, development, cloud migration, and much more. All projects are given oversight by former Microsoft Senior Principal Architect and Office365Mon founder Steve Peschka, so you can rest assured that the work being done will meet the highest quality bar. In addition, both of our Partners bring a number of former Microsoft employees and others with many years of successful technology delivery projects to the table. Together we offer a shared team that's capable of delivering on the biggest and most challenging cloud projects.


Azure integration can happen in all sorts of places anymore. While it's the linchpin that holds Office 365 together, it's also becoming a defacto way in which to authenticate and authorize into your own line of business applications. With Azure Active Directory you get the flexibility to have your users use one username and password to access all kinds of applications from all kinds of devices from anywhere in the world. You can use it on your Office 365 SharePoint applications, on any custom web application, and in conjunction with numerous other Azure cloud services. The marketing makes it look easy, but years of experience helping other customers understand and implement it have shown that it requires some solid understanding of how cloud-based security works, as well as the many different options and ways in which you can use it to connect to your applications. You can see when you use Office365Mon how deeply we've been able to integrate it into our service. We can help you do the same with your cloud applications and services.
Your cloud services story frequently starts with Azure Active Directory integration, but it quickly morphs into using a variety of cloud services and piecing them together like building blocks to develop a final solution. We've taken just that approach at Office365Mon, building our service on Azure features like cloud services, Azure storage and queueing, SQL Azure, Azure scheduled tasks, and more. Not only that, but we've built our own service so that it can be plugged into other applications and services as well in exactly the same way. This kind of integration requires real know how around how all of these pieces work, and our team can leverage the what we've learned building our highly integrated and hugely scalable platform.
Office 365 is one of the top cloud services used by companies of all sizes today. It includes an enormous API to work with the various services such as SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, Skype, and more. At Office365Mon our whole service is based on integrating with these kinds of services using different Office 365 APIs. We've demonstrated for some time now our expertise in this area as we've grown Office365Mon to one of the top Office 365 monitoring solutions available. We can help you with the years of experience we have in building on this platform.
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To get more information or speak to someone about our cloud services, please use the following contact information:

Steve Peschka
Mail: speschka@office365mon.com

Nicole Aafjes
P: +31 6 27014586
Mail: nicole.aafjes@rapidcircle.com

Shaik H
P: (214) 785 8612
Mail: shaikh@techstargroup.com
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  • Cloud Solution Design and Development
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Azure Cloud Services
  • Azure Web Apps
  • Azure Storage and Queueing
  • SQL Azure
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