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*Enterprise Premium *Enterprise Platinum *Enterprise Platinum with Threat Intelligence Monitoring *Office365Mon Private *Partner
Pricing $119/month $249/month $899/month Contact Us Contact Us
Azure Active Directory Single Sign-On Office365Mon Private is deployed directly to your Microsoft Azure tenant as your own private instance of our monitoring service. It gives you access to every feature you see shown here, other than Skype and Power BI monitoring, along with several enhancements not available in our shared service. For more information on Office365Mon Private, please see the product page for it.
SharePoint, OneDrive and Exchange monitoring
Maximum subscriptions Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email and text notifications
Basic reports
Monthly SLA scorecard
Delegated admins
Monitor and alert when version changes
90 day free trial for all features
Email based support
Advanced reports and analytics
Report data CSV export
Office 365 Power BI integration
API access for management
Integration with Office 365 Service Info
Office 365 Distributed Probes and Diagnostics
Office 365 Search Monitor
Skype for Business Monitoring
Dashboard Reports
Email Transport monitoring
Power BI Monitoring
List Monitoring
Monitor Up to 3 Secure Web Sites and APIs Per Subscription
Office 365 Usage Monitoring
Threat Intelligence Monitoring and Alerting
SharePoint and OneDrive Activity Log Shipping
Reseller and White Label Support
Custom integration consulting

*Features contained in each license are subject to change.

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