Office 365 Monitoring

360° Tenant View

Office365Mon brings together monitoring across three signals to bring the most complete view of your tenant in the cloud. Combine that with real time alerts over email and text, and you will never miss a heart beat of your organization’s most important assets in the cloud.

The first signal is based on health probes of your tenants. That begins with probes that are sent from our cloud-based service to your Office 365 tenant. When there's any issue in the cloud you will find out in near real time. It's the quickest and easiest way to learn about an outage. Not only that, but we can monitor your Search service in SharePoint Online as well. Know when there are query or crawl issues in your sites.

The second signal comes from Office 365 itself. We've recently partnered with the Microsoft Office 365 team as an early adopter of their new Service Communications API. This integration allows us to give you up to the minute status of all services in your Office 365 tenant, down to the feature level. For example, not only can we give you an overall view of Exchange Online's health, we can also show you the health at the feature level, such as sign-in, email and calendar access, email delivery, management and provisioning, and even voice mail.

The third signal is based on based on your on premises environment. Download the Office 365 Distributed Probes and Diagnostics companion service and install it on premises, in as many locations as you want. It works as a companion to the Office365Mon cloud-based probes and issues health probes from each location you install it in. It lets you do things let set performance thresholds for the probes. For example, you can say that you want to be notified when it takes longer than 5 seconds for a probe to complete. When it’s unable to connect to your Office 365 tenant it runs a series of health checks on things like the local network card(s), whether it can reach DNS, what DNS is resolving your Office 365 tenant names to, whether it can reach your gateway server, and whether it can reach other sites in the Internet. If it finds a failure at any of these points it also puts out a notification, so this can significantly help with troubleshooting and triage should you be experiencing issues. Any issues are logged to the local event log so network issues won't prevent you from finding out about these problems.

Advanced Analytics

Office365Mon is committed to provide you the most advanced analytics on the Health and ROI of your cloud investments.

We provide a comprehensive set of results to view your uptime from every angle. What was your uptime percentage for the month, for each monitored resource? How much downtime did you have, per resource, each month? What were the reasons for your outages? What percentage of outages are associated with each resource? All of these questions and more are covered by our Advanced Reports.

When you want more out of your reports there are additional options you have to analyze your data the way you want. Our Report Data feature allows you to download the raw data for your reports as a CSV file. You can open the data in Excel and use all of the advanced analytics that it provides. Still not enough? No problem. We also integrate Power BI in Office 365. You can select Office365Mon as a Service Provider to open up our dashboard. In Power BI you can use our existing dashboard and reports, drill down and customize reports, create your own reports, and more.

Like many cloud services, Office 365 operates under a Service Level Agreement, or SLA. For things like SharePoint Online and Exchange Online the first tier of the agreement provides for 99.9% uptime. The problem for many customers has traditionally been, so how do I track that, and how do I know when they miss it? Unless there was one huge outage in a month you don't really know in most cases. With Office365Mon we provide easy reports that you can use to know exactly what your availability is. When it doesn't meet the uptime promised by your SLA agreement you have the proof you need to request a credit for some or all of your monthly charges.

Monitoring with Office365Mon doesn't stop at the out of the box reports. We know you want your reports your way. We are a service provider with Power BI in Office 365. Go get data using our service provider and start with an incredibly comprehensive dashboard of everything happening in your tenant and across all Office365Mon customers. Then customize it to fit your exact needs.

One of the top complaints we hear is from customers that have new versions, patches and upgrades rolled out to their SharePoint Online tenant and they don't find out until their users call to complain that things look different or aren't working. Well be surprised no longer. We will monitor the version of your SharePoint Online tenants and alert you when a new version has arrived. Once again, you are in the know and in control.

Simple and Secure

We are the simplest and most secure monitoring and analytics product you will find, ever.

Getting started is drop dead easy. After you tell us who you are and how to contact you, you really only need to configure two more things before you can start your monitoring: how should we contact you (email address and TXT phone numbers) when there's an outage, and what site or mailbox do you want us to monitor. That's it - done! Still not sure about it? We provide you tips to let you know what you have left to configure, as well as a YouTube video if you want to see an example of how to set things up.

One of the core principals we have had from Day One at Office365Mon has been that we never want to store anyone's username or password. We've been 100% successful in that mission, and to do that we utilize the latest in cloud-based security services provided by Microsoft Azure Active Directory. That means we never store usernames and passwords. You are always prompted before we are ever allowed to monitor any of your resources the first time. You can create a special service account just for monitoring and reduce it to having the absolute minimal rights in your Office 365 tenant and we can still use that for monitoring.

With a strong focus and vision around providing a secure cloud service, it should come as no surprise that we also never store anyone's credit card information on our site. We use one of the leading and most secure credit card processing providers around - Stripe. They were founded in the Internet age and have been built from the ground up to be ultra-secure in a dangerous world.

Built for Resellers and Partners

When you sell or service Cloud products, leverage our product so you have the edge.

Whether you have one Office365Mon subscription for yourself, or 20 for your own customers, you can manage and view reports for every one of them from the Office365Mon site. If you have more than one subscription a simple drop down lets you change between them to easily manage them all. Report data can also be downloaded for just one subscription, or all of the subcriptions you have at once.

We provide both reporting and management APIs at Office365Mon. If you want to integrate the reporting data we capture from monitoring your subscription into your own line of business applications, it's easy - we provide the API, we provide the sample code, we provide the documentation - all you have to do is work off that to pull the data down and plug it in where you need it most. If have many, many Office365Mon subscriptions and/or you don't want to manage your subscriptions through the browser, no problem - we have an API for that. It also includes complete documentation, as well as both PowerShell and C# code samples that will you up and running quickly and easily.

Office365Mon was founded by people with decades of experience in the software industry, and many years of experience at Microsoft. Steve Peschka, one of the cofounders of Office365Mon, spent over 18 years at Microsoft working on many of the products and services that are used in Office365Mon today. We have a wealth of knowledge in this space, but we also realize that there is no landscape changing more quickly than cloud computing. We leverage our experience to look for new ways we can bring value to our customers and help ease their transition to the cloud.

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