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  • Office365Mon Acquisition News

    We have some very exciting news today for Office365Mon customers that has to do with performance and security for your users of Office 365.

    We're delighted to announce that Office365Mon has been acquired by Zscaler, Inc., of San Jose, CA. Zscaler is a market leader in cloud security and, for eight consecutive years, has been named a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Secure Web Gateways. With thousands of enterprise customers, Zscaler supports a massive base of Office 365 users worldwide. I found it interesting that Office 365 generates more traffic in the Zscaler cloud than YouTube. Check out some of the cloud stats here:

    At its recent user conference, the company announced a digital experience monitoring solution, Zscaler Digital Experience (ZDX), that will provide detailed visibility into performance for all users across the cloud. The plans are to integrate Office365Mon technology into this platform over time and continue to offer Office365Mon as a standalone product. For more information see our blog post .

  • Teams and Skype Jitter and Call Quality Monitoring from Office365Mon

    Today we are announcing a new set of features for monitoring Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business call quality at Office365Mon.Com. This package of features is now included with our Distributed Probe and Diagnostics agent, which we allow you to install in as many different geographic locations as you like. The agent now has new features that will monitor call quality metrics for things like jitter, packet loss, packet reorder ratio, round trip time latency, and calling firewall issues. For more information see our blog post .

  • New Office 365 Network Performance Tools from Office365Mon.Com

    Today we're announcing new tools and features for monitoring and analyzing the network performance for Office 365. These new tools expand the set of features we have for Office 365 network performance analysis that we announced in July of last year: New Office 365 Network Performance Analytics from Office365Mon. The features announced today use an updated version of our Distributed Probes and Diagnostics agent to help you monitor, notify, and report on the network performance to key services. That include core network services such as DNS and proxy servers, as well as the to the public endpoints for Office 365 services such as Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business. In addition to that, we also monitor for changes in your egress point to the Internet from the different geographic locations where you install the agent. For more information see our blog post .

  • Office365Mon Launches New "Private" Offering for Large Enterprises, CSPs and US Government Organizations

    Today we are announcing the release of a new offering from Office365Mon.Com called "Office365Mon Private". With this offering you can get your own private instance of the Office365Mon.Com monitoring service for Office 365 deployed to your own Azure subscription. For more information see our blog post .

  • New Centralized Office 365 Storage Monitoring from Office365Mon.Com

    Today we’re announcing the release of a new centralized storage monitoring feature for Office 365 resources. In addition to that, as part of this same feature we are providing Office 365 usage information trends across your tenant over a rolling 52-week year. For more information see our blog post .

  • New Geo Aware Alerts for Office 365 Outages Available Now from Office365Mon.Com

    Today we launched a new feature that is available to all Office365Mon customers. We call this feature "Geo Aware Alerts", and it's yet another way we help keep you aware of what's happening in the Office 365 ecosystem. In this case, it's rather like crowdsourcing Office 365 outage information. The way it works is, you can configure your Office365Mon subscription to alert you when other Office365Mon customers within a specific distance from your users start experiencing an outage. Now, whenever another Office365Mon customer detects a local outage, if the outage is within that specific distance of your users, you'll get notified that an outage has started nearby. For more information see our blog post .

  • New Office 365 Network Performance Analytics from Office365Mon

    One of the most commonly requested features we’ve had from our customers at Office365Mon has been something to help them better understand network performance with their Office 365 tenants. Today we’re happy to announce that we have released a set of services, tools and reports to do just that. You can breakdown the performance of your Office 365 tenant between what’s happening in the tenant itself versus the network transport of your requests. You can compare what the network performance is like to your Office 365 tenant from the different geographies where you have users. You can also set notification thresholds, so you can be alerted when network performance at any location becomes unsatisfactory. For more information see our blog post .

  • New Features for Storing Office 365 Logs and Monitoring Health Scores and Request Times

    Today we are announcing the Preview availability of two new features at Office365Mon, both targeted at SharePoint Online (SPO) and One Drive for Business (ODB) in Office 365. The first is our enterprise Log Shipping feature, which creates a copy of the log files of all your activity in SPO and ODB and will store up to 12 months’ worth of these logs for you, as well as provide some basic reporting on them. The second is our Health Score feature, which provides Office 365 monitoring of health scores for your specific SPO and ODB tenant, as well as the processing time – just within your tenant – of each monitored probe we send. This gives you a bird’s eye view of the performance in your tenant, without the extra baggage of networks, Internet congestion, ISP issues, etc. For more information see our blog post .

  • Expanding Coverage for Malware Monitoring to SharePoint Online and OneDrive from Office365Mon.Com

    Today, we're adding support for monitoring malware threats in SharePoint and OneDrive for Business. By adding these additional services, you can be assured that when your monitoring Office 365, you'll also be kept aware of when and where malware shows up in virtually all of the primary repositories in your Office 365 tenant. For more information see our blog post .

  • Stay Informed with New Malware Monitoring from Office365Mon.Com

    It seems like organizations of all types and sizes are under digital attack these days. Using email to transmit malware and then compromise an organization is a common way in which these kinds of attacks strike. Today Office365Mon is launching a new service to help keep you in the know of when and where these attacks are directed at your organization. In conjunction with the Threat Intelligence features of Office 365, we have a new feature we call Threat Intelligence Monitoring. For more information see our blog post .

  • New Comprehensive Health Snapshot of All Your Microsoft Cloud Services from Office365Mon

    Up to this point, Office365Mon and AzureServiceMon served as "islands of data" with information on your different Microsoft cloud services. Today, we are bringing those together in a new comprehensive view we call the Microsoft Cloud Command Center. For more information see our blog post .

  • Office365Mon and AzureServiceMon Webhook Integration with Microsoft Flow

    We've had a webhook feature for some time that was designed specifically to allow customers to address one-off custom scenarios, but previously have always talked about it as writing some custom code and web site to process it. Now, based on yet another great suggestion from one of our truly brilliant customers, we’ve put together some information on how you can do all of that without writing any code at all! For more information see our blog post .

  • New Simplified Azure Resource Metric Monitoring from AzureServiceMon

    One of the first pieces of feedback we got from the beta 1 release of AzureServiceMon was that customers wanted more. Specifically, not only do they want to know when their services are down, but they wanted a way to "peek inside" to see how their various resources are doing before they go down. That's how Azure Metric Monitoring came to be. For more information see our blog post .

  • Azure Availability Monitoring Made Simple at AzureServiceMon

    Today we are excited to announce the Beta 1 release of our new Azure availability monitoring service – AzureServiceMon.Com. We've taken all of the great IP and architecture that we've used at Office365Mon.Com to build a very powerful, yet incredibly simple to use, service for monitoring the availability of your Microsoft Azure resources. For more information see our blog post .

  • Office365Mon Now Offers Monitoring Out of Regional Data Centers Starting with Germany

    Office365Mon is now available to be run out of regional Azure data centers around the globe. In addition to the US data centers, Office365Mon is available today via Germany data centers. For more information see our blog post .

  • Now You Can Monitor OneDrive and Power BI with Office365Mon

    Today we've released two new features that customers have been asking us about – monitoring for OneDrive for Business and Power BI. These are just the latest set of services in an ever increasing stable of monitored features and services from Office365Mon. Let's take a quick look at each. For more information see our blog post .

  • Monitoring Large Lists in SharePoint Online with Office365Mon

    Over the years, we developed lots of documentation and options for improving the performance of your large lists in SharePoint. As customers have moved to SharePoint Online in Office 365 though, we would occasionally hear people ask if it had the same large list limitations as SharePoint on premises does…and the answer is yes, it does. Now as more customers are moving their SharePoint on premises data to SharePoint Online, we see increasing concern about how the lists they do have are going to perform once it’s all up in Office 365. Fortunately, at Office365Mon, we’ve just released a new feature designed specifically to help you stay on top of this issue. For more information see our blog post .

  • Know When Your Office 365 Email Gets Stuck in Transit From Office365Mon

    One of the things that we've done from day one when monitoring Office 365 is to let you know if your Exchange mailboxes are working or not. While that’s an absolute necessity and quite valuable, it still left part of the story untold – until now. One of the things we heard from customers is "my mailbox seems fine, but I sent an email 30 minutes ago and it hasn't arrived yet". Or "I was told they sent me an email a couple of hours ago but I haven’t seen it yet". For those that have witnessed this behavior before, you know that sometimes email gets stuck in transit. Your mailbox may be working fine, but if messages aren't going out or coming in, then it can be a real problem. At Office365Mon.Com, we're addressing this with our new Email Transport Monitoring feature. For more information see our blog post .

  • Office365Mon Now Provides Reports Anywhere with Dashboard Reports

    One of the most common requests we receive at Office365Mon has to do with the different types of reporting we provide on the availability and performance of a customer’s Office 365 tenant. There are dozens of reports out of the box, as well as snapshot reports with the up to the minute availability of these services, and many of our customers have asked how they could get these reports for their own internal web sites. Today we are announcing a feature to do exactly that – the Dashboard Reports feature from Office365Mon. For more information see our blog post .

  • Monitor for Changes in Your Version of Exchange Online with Office365Mon

    At Office365Mon we monitor all sorts of things about Office 365. One of the early customer requests that we incorporated into our service was the ability to monitor for changes in the version of SharePoint that have been pushed out to your SharePoint Online tenant. We have had several customers ask for the same type of monitoring and notification when changes occur in Exchange Online, and today we’re happy to announce the availability of just such a feature. For more information see our blog post .

  • Introducing Monitoring for Azure Secured Web Sites from Office365Mon

    Today we’re excited to announce another new monitoring feature at Office365Mon. Beginning today, we are now offering you the capability to monitor virtually any web site or REST API using the same proven, enterprise grade monitoring capabilities of Office365Mon. The same service we use for Office 365 monitoring can now be used to monitor your sites that you deploy to Azure web sites, or your SharePoint hosted apps for on-prem or Office 365 sites, or virtually any other site! You get the power of a monitoring infrastructure that sends out 10 to 20 million health probes a month to keep you in the know of your own web sites and REST APIs now. For more information see our blog post .

  • Cloud Solution Services Now Available from Office365Mon and TechStar Group

    Today I’m very excited to announce a new offering from Office365Mon and our newest Gold Star Partner, TechStar Group. We are teaming together to take the skills and experience we’ve built while creating one of the most scalable and extensible cloud service solutions you’ll find for monitoring Office 365 – Office365Mon of course! For more information see our blog post .

  • Expanding the Office365Mon Subscription Management API

    Today we’re happy to announce a slew of new APIs that have been added to our Subscription Management API tool set. The Subscription Management API at Office365Mon has long been a market differentiator with other solutions in the Office 365 monitoring space. Our first releases allowed you to manage the basics of the core monitoring features of Office365Mon. Based on customer demand, we have just released a significant expansion of those APIs. For more information see our blog post .

  • New Geographic and Notification Features for Distributed Probes from Office365Mon

    The updated Distributed Probes and Diagnostics feature allows you to enter the ZIP code where the computer is located on which you installed it. We use that data for both local and regional geographic data that feeds into the new reports that have been built for the service. Overall we added 10 new reports to the service to accommodate this new data stream – two Basic reports and eight Advanced reports. We've also vastly improved upon the notification capabilities, so you can now find out about performance issues and outages specific to each location where you've installed our agent. For more information see our blog post .

  • Preview Now Available to Monitor Skype for Business at Office365Mon

    Today is a day that we’ve been waiting on for a while. In the past 15 months we’ve been building out a pretty comprehensive service centered around monitoring SharePoint Online and Exchange Online in Office 365. Thanks to some new APIs from Microsoft, we are now happy to announce that we’re adding Skype for Business (SfB) to the suite of products you can monitor with Office365Mon. For more information see our blog post .

  • Office 365 Search Monitoring at Office365Mon

    Today we’re announcing a new feature at Office365Mon that our customers have been asking about for quite some time. We’ve added the ability to monitor the Search service in your SharePoint Online tenant using our well-established health probe architecture. This has been frequently requested because Search in SharePoint plays such a pivotal role in content delivery. There are many out of the box web parts that depend on successfully executing queries to generate the content for the page. On top of that there are many, many custom applications that are dependent upon the Search service working correctly. For more information see our blog post .

  • Office 365 Outage Notifications the Way You Want Them – Announcing Webhooks at Office365Mon

    From day one Office365Mon has made short work of letting you set up monitoring for your Office 365 tenant in a couple of minutes and notifying you by text and email when an outage occurs. Today we’re happy to announce that we’re taking the next step forward in keeping you in the know by releasing support for webhook notifications. Now you can decide exactly what processes you want to kick off whenever your Office 365 tenant experiences an outage, or even when the status of one of the Office 365 features change. For more information see our blog post .

  • Announcing Year over Year Charts

    We just released a mini-feature that our long and loyal customer base will appreciate. For those of you not following closely, we opened the doors to our service just about a year ago. One of the things that means is that for customers who have been with us since the beginning, you will be able to take advantage of new Year-over-Year data in your My Info reporting. For more information see our blog post .

  • Announcing Power BI Support

    We're very happy today to announce the release of new integration between the Office365Mon reporting data and Power BI in Office 365. Office365Mon is used to monitor your SharePoint Online and Exchange Online tenants. Along the way it captures quite a bit of data related to outages in your tenants as well as performance data. There are several basic and advanced reports supplied with your Office365Mon subscription, but we wanted to dial things up a notch and give you even more flexibility to create the reports you want for your business. For more information see our blog post .

  • Know When Your SharePoint Online Version Changes

    We've just released a new feature for all of our basic monitoring customers that allows you to know when a new version has been pushed out to your SharePoint Online tenant. We automatically monitor your tenant version and when it changes we send out notifications to all of the emails and text numbers you've configured for your subscription. You can always turn this off if you choose on the Configure...Office365Mon page.

  • End of the Launch Pricing Model

    Office365Mon has reached the size and strength in our customer base to make the transition out of our launch pricing model. That model allowed anyone to get an Office365Mon subscription and use all of the basic features free for life – monitor up to 10 sites and mailboxes, get email and text notifications, and use our basic reports. Getting the service running, customers engaged, and improving our features based on their feedback has been instrumental in establishing the Office365Mon service. Early adopter customers will continue to benefit from their loyalty. Their subscriptions and basic monitoring services for those subscriptions will always be free for life. Going forward, all Office365Mon subscriptions will be created as 90-day trials. We want to send out a huge THANK YOU to all of our early adopter customers for getting this far this fast!

  • New Features Make it Easier to Monitor Multiple Mailboxes and Sites

    We've added some new features to make it easier for you to monitor multiple mailboxes and sites. Each Office365Mon basic monitoring subscription allows you to monitor up to 10 mailboxes and sites, but it wasn't always easy to figure out how to do that. To help make this easier we've added a new Copy Subscription feature in the Configure...Office365Mon page. We've also added some details around why you may or may not want to do this, as well as instructions for how to go about setting it up. For more information see our blog post .

  • Introducing Office365 Help Desk

    We just rolled out a brand new feature at Office365Mon that we're pretty excited about, because it's a brand new way of thinking about how to manage outages – meaning, how do I know when an outage is starting, and how can I help keep concerned users in the loop. We call it the Office 365 Help Desk, and it's meant to use a really underutilized resource to figure out when there’s an outage – your users! Where this differs from a classic help desk scenario is that the process is light years simpler, and it automatically normalizes that input using thresholds you define. In addition to that, it’s super quick and easy and the end user also gets some immediate feedback so that they know the issue has been recorded and/or is being worked on. For more information see our blog post .

  • See the Office365Mon Webcast

    It has been six months since we launched Office365Mon and we are humbled to have our 500th customer join us last month. We wanted to catch everyone up on what comes with your subscription, new features we added and a preview a special feature we are working on. We’re doing a Webcast on October 20th at 10:30AM PST to share all of this with you, and to hear your feedback about what you like and what you want. NOTE: You can see a recording of the webcast here .

  • Announcing the Availability of Office 365 On-Premise Health Probes for Office365Mon Customers

    I’m happy to announce the general availability of a brand new feature for our Office365Mon customers today. A slice of our Office365Mon cloud monitoring infrastructure can now run on one or more machines on your network and works in conjunction with your Office365Mon subscription to issue health probes and diagnose issues. We call this the On Prem Probe feature and it is now available for immediate use by all of our Office365Mon customers. You can see more about it on our web site at .

  • Office365Mon is Making it Easier to Get Help During Outages and Getting Refunds When You’ve Earned Them

    We’ve recently rolled out a couple of new features that we think will continue to make things just a little easier for all you that are responsible for your Office 365 tenants. The first one just makes it easier to connect and get going when there is an outage. Our outage email notifications now include a link to open a support case with Microsoft directly. The links are smart enough to open a support ticket for Exchange Online when there is an email issue, or SharePoint Online if there is a collaboration issue. Our goal, as always, is to try and simplify things and get you moving forward to resolving your issue as soon as possible. For more information see our blog post .

  • Office365Mon Partners with Microsoft on Office 365 API Integration

    We could not have picked a more appropriate day to announce this. Office 365 Exchange customers experienced a pretty big outage yesterday and this post is a testament to Microsoft's commitment to increase transparency to service health for all our customers. Office365Mon is partnering with Microsoft Office 365 to be one of the early adopters of the Office 365 Service Status Communications API. For more details on this new level of integration please see our blog post .

  • Announcing the Subscription Management API

    One of the things we’ve invested a lot of time in recently is making Office365Mon a great place for Office 365 resellers too, in addition to all of our customers that just have one or two subscriptions. The first feature set we released to support this was the report data feature. That allows you to download the raw data we use for our reports as CSV files from our site. In addition to that, we added a REST API that lets you programmatically retrieve that same data in a JSON or CSV format. Today we released the second major feature set for folks with several tenants, and that is the Subscription Management API. For more details on the API as well as code samples please see our blog post .

  • Office365Mon Hits 13 MILLION Health Probes

    The topic of scaling may sound like something that only an IT nerd would care about, but when you look at just the raw numbers it’s impressive no matter who you are. By the end of May we had issued nearly 13 million health probes. When have you ever done a million of anything, let alone 13? All those health probes though are how we keep track of all the tenants for all of our customers. We spent a lot of time on that nerdy IT stuff precisely so we can scale to these kinds of numbers and we have a ton of headroom left to keep growing. Given our customer growth momentum, that’s a good thing. For more details please see our blog post .

  • It's A Reporting Extravaganza at Office365Mon – Now You Can Create Your Own Reports!

    One of the things we've learned from our many years working in the software industry is that no matter what reports we come up and how much time we spend tweaking them, we’ll never meet the needs of all customers. Customizing reports is actually one of the most frequent requests of any software product, not just Office365Mon. In Office365Mon the reporting requirements are further complicated by the fact that many of you manage just a single Office 365 subscription, but others of you are resellers and so you may have many different subscriptions you are managing. Trying to find a one size fits all approach to reporting is pretty difficult. To support all of these competing needs, we’ve rolled out a new feature at Office365Mon today called Report Data Access. It provides downloadable reporting data as well as a REST API to programmatically incorporate your Office365Mon data into your on premise reports. For more details please see our blog post .

  • How Office365Mon’s Free Services Got Me a Refund on my SharePoint Online Bill

    One of the original goals I always had for Office365Mon was the hope that at some point it should be able to monitor enough outages to qualify me for a refund on my Office 365 monthly charges. For those of you who aren't familiar, Office 365 has a guaranteed uptime service level agreement (SLA) of 99.9%. When the availability is less than that you are entitled to a refund. In my case, the dream became reality last weekend when I got both email and text notifications from Office365Mon that my SharePoint Online site was down. It’s not uncommon to get these notifications but they’re generally fairly short lived and since I’ve started Office365Mon Microsoft has done a good job with its availability. This time though I got the initial notice that an outage had started…but I wasn’t getting a subsequent notice that it had ended. Finally, about two hours later (126 minutes to be exact) I got the notification that the outage had ended. A quick check on the number of minutes in the month of April left me realizing that my up time for April had dropped below 99.9%; I was at 99.7%, which meant that I should be entitled to a 25% refund of my monthly charges. For all the details on how I was able to use this information to get a refund on our Office 365 bill please see our blog post .

  • Using the Act on Behalf Of Feature of Office365Mon

    One of the early feature requests we got at Office365Mon was to be able to support admins working on behalf of other customers. So first it's probably worth pointing out what the means in the context of a service like ours: it means you can manage multiple Office365Mon subscriptions from a single account. This scenario might apply to you if you have multiple Office 365 and/or Exchange Online subscriptions. For example, you may be an IT Pro at an organization where you have multiple tenants, or you have different tenants for development and testing versus production, etc. You might be a reseller of Office 365 and/or Exchange Online and you want an ability to be notified when ANY of the tenants you’ve sold experiences an outage. To find out all the details on how to use the new Act on Behalf of Feature for your Office356Mon subscriptions please see our blog post .

  • Do You Know When Your Office365 Tenant Is Down…Because Now You Can (for free)

    As you all know, I have worked extensively with customers who run On-Premise servers and those on their journey to the Cloud. The promise of the Cloud is real but I have seen many enterprises struggle with the complexity of this transformation. Challenges include security, compliance, loss of control, lack of visibility etc. A frustrating problem with the Cloud is that you are the mercy of Incident Notifications from the Service Providers on the issues that may affect the health of your tenant. The Service Provider may not know of an issue, may not post notifications on their Service Portals timely or frequently enough, and you are helpless fielding calls from frustrated users. I have seen this happen at multiple customers during the recent outages. I have been working with a couple of Office 365 Partners to build a Product that gets you back in the know and in control of your Office 365 tenant’s health. We call it Office365Mon. To find out ALL ABOUT this very cool new service please see our blog post .

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