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Office365Mon issues literally millions of synthetic transactions each month as part of monitoring Office 365 for our customers. During that process we capture quite a bit of data for each tenant we are watching over. One of the things that we do with that data is create summary information about outages and performance across all of the Office 365 tenants we monitor.

We use this data ourselves on our home page to keep you alerted to the current outage situation across all of our customers. You can see it in this picture of the home page widget we have:

The same information that we use to create this widget is available for you to add to your web site as well. We have three service-level REST APIs that are configured to support Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS). You can add our service-level data points to any internal or external site of yours. In addition to the information we have on the home page, we also capture performance data, so you can see how quickly Office 365 is responding, as well as query and crawl latency. The data for these REST endpoints are updated daily and summarized monthly, so you get a near real time view of the recent outage and performance data from the hundreds of Office 365 tenants we are monitoring.

Demo Code

We have created a simple and fully functional demo that shows how to use jQuery to retrieve our service level data and display it in a web page. The demo also utilizes the circles library from GitHub to visualize the data. The demo isn't intended to win any style competitions, but it is meant to get you completely up and running and then you can stylize to fit your needs. Here's an example of the output from the demo content:

The demo code for this consists of only three files - an HTML page, a javascript file with the functions to retrieve and display the data from Office365Mon, and the Circles javascript file. You can download the complete demo file package here.

REST Endpoints

These APIs are documented completely in the SDK for the ReportData API, which you can find here. Look for the details on the Service Health Status, Service Outage Status and Overall Search Performance. For quick reference the two REST endpoints are located here:

  • Service Health Status:
  • Service Outage Status:
  • Overall Search Performance:

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