Office 365 Monitoring

Reporting Data

Office365Mon provides a complete report gallery out of the box. Sometimes though, that's just not enough. In order to help you create any kind of report you want, we provide access to the raw data that we use when creating all of the reports in our gallery. You can use this data to create your own reports, pump the data into a database or OLAP solution for further analysis, or whatever else you would like to do.

All of the report data sources are available in two formats - CSV and JSON. If you want the the CSV for your reporting data, the easiest way to get it to is to use the links below. If you want to retrieve the data programmatically so you can build it into your own applications, you can get the data in either JSON or CSV format. This gives you the total flexibilty to use the data to report or build on it in any way you choose.

To retrieve data programmatically, please see our complete API documentation. Don't worry - it's not a huge document and it includes examples for everything you need to do!

To download the report data for your Office365Mon subscription, you can go to https// Note that you will need to login to access your data.

Programmatic Downloads

If you programmatically download the data you can specify whether you want the data in JSON or CSV format. There are a few steps you have to go through in order to retrieve the data programattically however. We've wrapped up all of that information into our our API documentation. To find out more information download the API document, and email if you have questions.

In addition to the API document, we also have a complete code sample that demonstrates retrieving data for all of the reports. You can download the reporting code sample here. It is a simple console application written in C#. It demonstrates how to retrieve the data for one subscription in particular, or for all of your subscriptions if you have more than one. It also demonstrates all of the different data properties that are available for each of the report data feeds you retrieve.

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