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Everybody has down time. Everybody.

Outages happen, and what we do is let you know when they do. This gives you a chance to get in front of an outage instead of letting it run over you when you start fielding phone calls from angry users. Exchange Online monitoring, SharePoint Online monitoring, OneDrive for Business monitoring and Skype for Business monitoring is how we help you stay in control.

Getting set up is quick and easy. When you click the Start Now link, you'll log in with your Office 365 account. Tell us the name of your company, then the SharePoint Site and/or Exchange Online mailbox you want us to monitor. Next, let us know how we should alert you when there's an outage - use as many email addresses or text message phone numbers as you wish - and you're done. That's it.

Have questions about the right strategy for monitoring Office 365? See our FAQ.

It takes about a minute to go from "I don't know" to "I'm in control".

Real Time Monitoring Stats

We monitor the availability of all our customer's Office 365 tenants about once per minute. The data below is based on the near real time data regarding the outages we've monitored for all of them. This data is updated once a day.

SharePoint Online
Exchange Online

Some of Our Customers

We love to brag about our customers because we've got some great ones - leaders in a variety of industries and endeavors. Here's a list of just a few of them.

Not only do we have great customers, but we have them all over the world! Here's a snapshot of just some of the places where our customers call home.

It's a Whole Lot More Than Simple Monitoring

Office365Mon is more than just monitoring - we have a wealth of features to make sure you are getting information from every possible source, and always kept informed of what's going on. We build on that with several different reporting options, enough to satisfy anyone curious about their Office 365 tenant's availability and performance.

Office 365 Distributed Probes and Diagnostics Office 365 Distributed Probes and Diagnostics: Beyond our probes from the Cloud, issue health probes from any location or network where you have a computer. If there's any problems leverage the self-assessing and reporting diagnostics to understand how connectivity from your network to Office 365 is working. See more details here.
Custom Reports Custom Reports: We're all about giving you the insight you need. Use the raw reporting data to slice and dice reliability and performance data to fit your reporting needs. See more details here.
Office 365 Service Status Integration Office 365 Service Status Integration: Find out when the features of any of your tenant's services are having issues, as well as getting updates from the Office 365 Admin portal. All delivered to you via email, text and webhooks. See more details here.
Power BI Integration Power BI Integration:
The Office365Mon content pack for Power BI lets you visualize your availability and usages with the full power of Office 365 and Power BI. See more details here.
Dashboard Reports Dashboard Reports:
How would you like to put any Basic or Advanced report from our gallery onto your web site? You can - and with just one line of HTML! See more details here.
Monitor Web Sites Monitor Any Web Site:
Monitor virtually any web site or REST API using the same proven, enterprise grade monitoring capabilities of Office365Mon. The same service we use for Office 365 monitoring can now be used to monitor your sites that you deploy to Azure web sites, or your SharePoint hosted apps for on-prem or Office 365 sites, or virtually any other site. See more details here.
Office 365 Search Monitoring Office 365 Search Monitoring:
Lots of features in SharePoint depend on the search service, as do many custom apps. Know how long it's taking, when it's returning no results, and how long it's taking to index new content. Follow the instructions here.
Dashboard Reports Email Transport Monitoring:
Your mailbox might be working, but do you ever wonder why you haven't received any emails for a while? Or why someone else hasn't seem to have seen your email? Might be that your emails are stuck in transit. Stay in the know when that happens with email transport monitoring. See more details here.
Webhooks Webhooks:
Webhooks let you kick off your own workflow when an Office 365 tenant experiences an outage, a service status change, or changes in the Search service. See more details here.
Comprehensive REST API Comprehensive REST API:
With an extensive REST API you can manage all of your Office365Mon subscriptions, get reporting data, or even utilize us as a Software as a Service if you are an Office 365 reseller. See more details here.

360° View of Your Tenant

Office365Mon brings together monitoring across four signals to deliver the most complete view of your tenant in the cloud. You'll never miss a heart beat of your most important cloud assets.

Powerful Analysis of your Data with Power BI

Office365Mon issues millions of health probes a month. You can boil it all down in minutes with Office 365 Power BI integration.

What the Press is Saying

  • New APIs Make Office 365 Monitoring Easier

    ...any outage is important if your operations are affected, and that's where companies like Office365Mon come in.

  • Office 365 Outages Highlight Cloud Monitoring Needs

    The recent cloud outages in Office 365 should make organizations reevaluate their monitoring systems to prepare for future service disruptions.

  • Partners Helping with Cloud Transition

    While Microsoft can't assign a partner to help every Office 365 customer that runs into trouble, partners do have lots of experience in this area and are well-equipped to handle these situations.

  • Microsoft Experiences Global Office 365 Outage

    Microsoft has had issues with access to Office 365 in the past. Last year saw issues with access to Exchange and Lync, part of the Office 365 suite, as well as problems signing up for the Office 365 Midsize Business plan.

Our Approach

We monitor your SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Exchange Online, Skype for Business, email transport, and SharePoint Online Search service 24x7. We have a highly-scalable, highly-available cloud based service that ensures we're always watching out for you. Our synthetic probing process means in many cases you'll know before Microsoft does that there's a problem.

When there is an outage we'll let you know. You can configure as many email addresses and text message phone numbers as you like for us to notify, as well as a webhook REST endpoint where we can send details for you to programmatically act upon. You can also rest assured that this information will never be shared and never be sold or used for any other purpose!

Getting monitoring set up for your SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Exchange Online environments is drop dead easy. There's no hardware you have to devote to this. There's no software you need to install. Fill out a simple form and boom - you're done. It really is that easy.

We can even monitor the Search service in your SharePoint Online tenant. You can set thresholds to define how long queries should take, and get notifications when queries run too long, search results change, or no search results are returned at all. You can also monitor how long it's taking to crawl new content in your site so you know if you have problems with your index.

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